A connoisseur of travel, good wines and sports cars, Dean had a full face and neck lift. At fifty-five, he was loosing elasticity in his face and wanted to add some vigor to his appearance. "Believe it or not, it was my kids who suggested it. I'm single which I didn't expect to be at this stage of my life. One day my kids sat me down and told me they thought it would give me a fresher look and boost my self-confidence if I had some cosmetic surgery done. They were right on both counts. I'm meeting a lot of new people these days and I enjoy knowing that I am putting my best foot forward."

Dean was one of the first patients to receive autologous platelet gel, a new product that drastically reduces bruising and swelling after surgery. He was out shopping before the end of the week after his surgery. "The thing that surprised me most was that I felt so good so quickly after the surgery. People keep asking me about the pain and in my case I can say truthfully I experienced absolutely no pain. Listen, I didn't rush into this. I took my time and researched the credentials of several doctors on the internet. I also visited with three other plastic surgeons in person before choosing Dr. Worthing. I liked the fact that Dr. Worthing's experience doing hundreds of these kinds of cases that TOPS Surgical Specialty Hospital also had a superior reputation. Also, Dr. Worthing himself made me feel like I wasn't just a number."

As a teacher, Dean is continually scrutinized by his students. Even they notice that today he's got a new lease on life and an invigorated sense of confidence they haven't seen in a while.