Sandy recently became the mother of her two young grandchildren who are always on the go. These days when she's not working or packing lunches, she is most frequently found on the soccer field cheering her kids on in their games. While at the games, Sandy found herself visiting with mothers twenty years younger than she was and wanting to fit in. To achieve this and turn back the clock a bit Sandy had a full face, neck and brow lift. "My kids think of me like every other mom-one that can keep up with them all day long and I can. I wanted that same energy level and zest for life to show up with the other moms that I was meeting in school and on the playing fields."

Sandy's recovery period was less than two weeks. She spent one night in a newly renovated TOPS surgical suite and recuperated at home for a week. With beautiful results Sandy has a fresh look that makes her feel more connected to her kids.

This is Sandy's second surgery with Dr. Worthing. Fifteen years ago Sandy's upper eyes were sagging and preventing her from looking rested. At that time, she had her upper eyes done which gave her a refreshed look that complemented the rest of her appearance. "I've known Dr. Worthing for over 15 years and trust him completely. What I like best about him is that he's not overly aggressive about surgery. When I first came to him years ago thinking I needed a facelift, he told me I didn't need one. I kept checking in with him and after my third visit he finally said I was ready. He's sharp and candid, which is what we all need in our doctors."