An avid golfer and outdoorsman Gordon had a weekend facelift, brow lift and some liposuction on his love handles. He and his wife enjoy traveling, entertaining and spoiling their five grandchildren. Although strong, healthy and full of energy, Gordon began to notice a change in his face and jowl areas. "I kept thinking that the man in the mirror was showing more fatigue than I felt. The balance was off. I felt great but my face wasn't keeping up."

Gordon also considered the business advantages of surgery. Very active in an executive sales career that can be competitive, Gordon knew that maintaining a young appearance would help him keep a competitive edge on his business. "I looked around in a sales meeting one day and realized I was just as vital and twice as productive as my peers but I didn't necessarily look the part. There's a saying in sales that perception is reality. I decided it was time to make perception match my performance."

Gordon's surgery called for very little downtime due to the anti-bruising gel that Dr. Worthing used during the procedure. Since his facelift, he's seen a steady incline in business opportunities come his way and feels like he's at the top of his game. Now his look keeps up with his energy level for enjoying these, "the best times of life".