Tiffany has been a successful personal trainer and aerobics instructor for the last 12 years. After the birth of her daughter, her breasts became smaller and droopier than they had been previously. Tiffany recently had breast implant surgery to help bring her breasts back to their original size and shape. She is a 5'8", healthy, strong and vibrant. She works hard to stay fit and wanted her breasts to be more proportionate to the rest of her figure. "It was a matter of confidence and proportion for me. I knew I would feel better about myself on the inside if my body looked like it once had on the outside. I work hard staying healthy; this is just one part of my body image that makes me feel good." said Tiffany.

Tiffany chose Dr. Worthing after six months of investigation and meetings with other downtown plastic surgeons. Tiffany found other doctors to be "surgery oriented", not people oriented. She recalls the difference vividly. "Dr. Worthing treated me as an individual. He was a straight shooter and seemed interested in me personally. He also struck me as a perfectionist, which is exactly what I wanted."

Tiffany is happy with the results and has continued to be a client of Dr. Worthing's skin care practice. When asked about the cost, she says…. "Would you want a Ferrari that costs $1,500.00? Obviously there would be something wrong with it. In the same regard, I didn't want the cheapest doctor in town. I wanted the best."